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The boy who was raised as a girl | The JOHN/JOAN experiment (spoiler: goes wrong). El niño que se crio como una niña. El experimento John/Joan (spoiler: sale mal)

Bruce Reimer is part of the history of psychology, he was born as Bruce, they turned him into Brenda and he died as David Reimer. What determines that we define ourselves as a man or a woman? It depends on being born with a certain sexual physiology, genes, gonads, hormones, and genitalia. If we are born with a typical male appearance we will identify ourselves as a man, if we are born with a typical female appearance we will identify ourselves as a woman. But the reality does not fit with such a simple answer, we know that there are people who have sexual characteristics that are not clearly male or female, such as intersex people, and despite this, within this group there are people who develop an identity as men or women. We also know that there are people who, despite being born with defined sexual characteristics, develop an identity that does not match, as is the case of transsexual people, that is, reality shows us that being born with the classic male physiology does not It i

Forbidden psychological experiment. Case Genie. Experimento psicológico prohibido. Caso Genie

  Imagine that you want to find out which part of a human's behavior is genetically determined and which one depends on his history of interaction with the environment, one thing you could do is go to the moment when he begins to interact with the environment from birth or even earlier, because in the womb you are also interacting with the environment and depriving it of any interaction, to see what capacities are developed and not realized. Now do you understand why it is called forbidden? because it would involve using babies and isolating them completely. In this hypothetical experiment, you would have to give a minimum of life support to the babies so that they do not die, you would have to feed them, wash them, give them heat, etc., This implies a minimum of interaction with the environment, but it would be the minimum that the organism needs To stay alive, starting from that basic minimum, one could choose to increase or decrease, according to convenience, the degree of i