9 most common mistakes when investing in cryptocurrencies / 9 errores más comunes a la hora de invertir en criptomonedas

We are not experts on this topic, after making the video of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies we had many questions, what we did was ask experts and that is what we explain in this video.  We are going to explain the 9 most common mistakes when investing in cryptocurrencies, it is very important that you know these errors if you want to do it safely. Mistake number 1 . I'm going to get rich. Nowadays it is easy to see advertising that tells us what, if we invest $ 250 in Amazon, Netflix, etc., we will make a lot of money or if we invest in bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, etc., we can work only a few hours a day, own our own time and those kinds of phrases, make a lot of money, etc., all similar ads, that's a lie, it's a scam. Another piece of information, if we go to the Etoro page in Europe we will see that at the bottom of the page it has a warning, in one of the paragraphs it says: 67% of retail investor accounts lose money when they exchange CFDs with this provider, without

What is bitcoin? what is a cryptocurrency? how does it work? they are safe/¿Que es bitcoin? ¿que es una criptomoneda? ¿como funciona? ¿son seguras?

We are going to explain the origin and operation of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. The Cryptography Mailing List, is one of the most important mailing lists on cryptography, it is a community that shares their ideas and doubts on this subject. In 2008 a mysterious user from Japan who called himself, Satoshi Nakamoto, shared an idea that quickly conquered all users. Satoshi proposed a system to create digital money, a currency that did not exist in the form of paper or metal, a bit-based currency. It is not something so innovative, previously some researchers had proposed something similar and all of us today use digital money to make purchases, you have a bank account and a card, when you pay for something you buy with the card it would be virtual money. But there are many things about that banking model that many do not just like, there has to be an entity behind it that verifies that this transaction is valid, the bank verifies that there is that money in your account and